The Gospel, simply, is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ was born into the world by the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, and died upon a cross for sins he did not commit. Jesus did this because of his great love for mankind. 
God created man sinless, but through our selfish choices we chose to sin and turn away from God. Because we are broken, we cannot get to God on our own. We cannot work our way to God. We cannot earn our way to God. We can not makeup for the wrong we have done. 
Jesus came and died upon a cross so that all of the people who have been broken by sin (the entire world) may have a way to a relationship with God. 
By believing Jesus’ death satisfied God’s requirements for sin, repenting (turning away from your sin and asking God to forgive you of your sin), and committing to follow Jesus, God forgives a person of their and does not count that sin against them. They have a permanent relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 
Upon salvation, God calls all believers to begin to grow in this new relationship with him through a process known as discipleship. He also calls all believers to tell others of their salvation and to share this good news of forgiveness to others. 
Here at Satsuma Baptist Church we want to equip you to be a faithful follower of Jesus through glorifying God, sharing Christ, and developing disciples.