Glorifying God

Here at Satsuma, everything we do is centered on bringing glory to God. We believe the chief aim of man is to glorify God and all of our programming, events, ministries, and outreach are centered on bringing glory to God. There is no greater privilege we have than to be redeemed children of the Lord. We seek to corporately glorify God in all we do as well as train and encourage you as a member to glorify God in your personal life.




Sharing Christ

We believe one of the greatest ways we can glorify God is through obedience to the Great Commission, which instructs believers to share the life-giving gospel with others. We seek to train, affirm, equip, and send out members to share the gospel with those they know and those they meet. While the church organizes cooperate gospel sharing events, as a member of Satsuma we encourage and challenge you to personal obedience to share the gospel in your personal, and in doing so, bring glory to God.




Developing Disciples

At Satsuma, our mission is to glory God in all we do, share Christ with all we meet, and develop disciples one person at a time. Here at Satsuma you will be given multiple means to grow as a disciple through Bible study, times of prayer, serving, giving, and conducting ministry. You will also be given resources to be equipped to grow personally. We want you to grow in Christ because we believe as you grow in the knowledge and love of Christ you will more obediently glorify God and share Christ with others, following the Great Commission of Jesus to all his followers.